City Studios is an Israeli company led by Mr. Ami Bentov.
The company was established in 1991 with the main objective being providing media service whilst heading the market technology and experience wise.
That same goal makes it possible for City Studios to stand fast heading the media market in Israel.
Among others’ City Studios provides production and communication services to companies all over the globe. Services such as:Professional image videos, Guidance videos, broadcast services etc etc.

The company’s goal has changed over the years and added to the original goal is the technology aspect of media services, and media appearance consultation. These are high end services requiring highly skilled personal and state of the art equipment which are available for our clients. Be it Streaming video over the internet, Satellite broadcast, Video editing or any other media service – we, At City Studios will provide you with the ultimate result.

Professional Services
City Studios is considered one of the top companies in it’s field. We invest much effort, time and money to keep our teams and equipment in the front line of technology.
The teams are recruited carefully and trained to become highly resourceful, creative and high moral standards as part of our efforts to create unique, high quality content.
Integrity and high moral standards are very important qualities in City Studio.

City Studios gained much of it’s experience working with some of the biggest Television Channels in the world since it’s been established in 1991, the same experience which brought the company to it’s current position as a world known name in the media industry.
Names like: Channel 1 Russia, Fox News, AP, RTR-Russia, CNN and many more are a winning proof to the quality and incomparable expertise in the field.

We at City Studios envision the media world as a single entity. Be it Internet, Television, Radio, Newspapers or any other form of media, the message is single and the audience is dictating the way it is presented. We are already starting to build the bridges which connect Internet-satellite-radio etc to provide turn-key-solutions to our customers.