Pro Image

Professional image videos hold a great advertising and PR power. The main idea in producing a professional image video is to gather as much information as possible about the subject you wish to present or the message you wish to deliver, and use that information in the shooting, production, and editing stages later on, to create the best video product possible fitting to your needs.

City Studios has vast knowledge and experience in the professional image video field, which today located the company along the best professional image video producers in the world.

Image video sample

The main stages in creating a professional image video have a great impact on both the quality of the video itself and the attention focus of the viewer.


This Is the first stage in creating a professional image video and it basically involves gathering as much information as possible in the form of texts, footage, photos and the main message the owner wishes to convey to the audience.

Gathering video materials

In this stage our team of professional cameramen and producers takes out to the field (usually the scene in which the video will take place) and take as much footage as possible filming, anchormen (if needed), the main scene of the video or any other aspects involved in the video.

Post Production

This is the last and final stage in making the professional image video. In this stage the video is merged, cut and edited to form the final product which will be broadcast to the customers or potential customer.

Professional image video types

Business image videos

Business Image Videos are the most common kind of professional image videos in the field. These short videos (usually up to 1.5 minutes in length) allow you, as a business owner, to present your company, product or service in a visual manner turning them into one of the most powerful advertising tools available today.

Fund raiser videos

A special field withing the professional image videos which is given much attention in recent years. Fund raiser videos have a clear and designated target – To get people to give and contribute, in most cases, with no apparent return, while the contributions are delivered to those who are in need. Be it a political campaign, a fund raiser for a disaster, helping those in need or any other reason – fund raiser videos turn the viewer into an active participant in the issue at hand.

Video guides

The best way to eplain something is by showing how and what to do – step by step. The process is quite simple, you write a script which is much similar to a manual, get the necessary visual aids, a good anchorman or anchorwoman and start filming with the set of your choosing. There is no better way to learn and no better way to teach

It is imperative to understand that we, at City Studios are ready to adjust our equipment and staff to accommodate fast changing innovative ideas with out professional image videos department, and the results speak for themselves.