Media appearances, Audience appearances, speeches and any other situation requiring you to appear as positive as possible to your audience, we, at City Studios will take care of all your needs and requirements and provide you with the tools and the knowledge to go through your media appearances successfully.

With a highly skilled team of experts headed by Dr. Raanan Gissin, media adviser of the former Israeli prime minister – Mr. Ariel Sharon, and over 25 years of experience in the media field while working with almost every aspect of written, audio and video media will equip you with the right set of tools which in turn will assist you in your endeavors be it proper media handling, camera behavior, setting interviews, pre-writing FAQ or speeches we will help you deliver you message in the best possible way.

Behaving in front of a camera
Body language, speech management, presenting information and much more are all part of the secret of behaving in front of a camera.

A sample live feed from our Studio

Preparing to media interviews
Mentally and physically, one must be prepared properly to a media interview. The way you appear (not only what you say) in an interview has a great impact on your goals and setting the mood wrong or saying a word with an improper intonation may change the best phrase in the world to a catastrophe. We, at City Studios will help you deliver you message clearly, with an emphasis on a positive public opinion.

Press conferences
Advisory and guidance prior to a pres conference is highly important otherwise, you might be asked a question you weren’t ready for or worse, answer not the way you were supposed to. Let us in City Studios, guide you and help you build the right setting for your press conference.

Dr. Raanan Gissin has been guiding our customers successfully in their encounters with the different media tools with his unique technique based upon the phrase: “The Camera is not your enemy, and the interviewer is not your friend”. This technique along with his vast experience and success made Dr. Raanan Gissin a world name in the media guidance field, one which is wanted by the biggest names in the industry.

In addition to all the above, we, At City Studios provide acces to our state of the art TV studio along with our experienced team operating the equipment led by Mr. Ami Bentov with 20 years of experience in the Television field and working with the media. The staff include camera people, field cameramen, editors, producers working together to provide you with the ultimate result.